Sunday, April 14, 2013

West Point Art Walk 2013

folks outside at the Art Walk
Had a great time at the Art Walk in West Point, MS on Saturday (April 13th)! This was a superb idea. Numerous artists were showing off their art inside and in front of various businesses in downtown West Point. I had mine in the office of Gallaway, Chandler, and McKinney Insurance on Commerce Street. Joining me at that business was Brooke Pettit, who does brightly colored painting, and Melody Vydas (, who does beautiful glass jewelry. Our host was Lisa Klutts, who also had some of her art for folks to see and/or buy. Lisa is a character for sure and a real go-getter. She seems to have her hands in everything in West Point. As of late, she is the driving force behind the Prairie Arts Festival, which is held every September. West Point recently acknowledged her wonderful work by voting her Citizen of the Year!! 

Lisa Klutts
Brooke Pettit
Yep, Awesome day in West Point. Met some really cool people and saw lots of folks that I already knew. Got some great reactions from people viewing my art and had some interesting conversations. I mostly brought prints, but also had two originals with me. Pretty good day with the prints, definitely worth the trip to West Point.

Me and a cool grandmother
Shelby Steelhammer, Courtney Hill, Eric Merkle, and Devon Bise (guys might not be in the right order)

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