Sunday, May 18, 2014

Joe MacGown's Surreal and Semi Strange Visions Opening was Awesome

The reception for my show at the Mississippi Modern Homesteading Center in Starkville, MS went pretty well, especially considering most MSU students had vacated town. And, I had basically been involved with three local shows here in town in the last two weeks, so some folks had seen much of what was in this show. But, I had new stuff. Interesting, the crowd here was quite different than those attending the last few shows. I greatly enjoyed interacting and answering questions to the attendees. And, it was nice to have several guys from my Starkville Striders running club here .and my on and off again lady Audrey Sheridan Thanks! 

As I mentioned, this show will be up until July 15th, but only when the center is open. If someone wants to see it, I think we could arrange something. I did not expect to sell any originals here, and I was not surprised. But, I did sell quite a few prints and a few copies of my book. Thanks to all of you who purchased something! 

And, yep, Debra Wolf, who recently started a Starkville Area Arts Council blog, wrote a wonderful piece about my Manic Depression piece. Check it out here:

Here are a few picts from the show. 

Dominique, Brent, Audrey Sheridan, and Joseph looking on
Greg Martin and Laurie Burton
Jorge and Juan Villarreal
Audrey Sheridan and the running crew
Jorge & Juan Villarreal, Audrey Sheridan, and Brent Wallace (holy moly, look at those smokin' legs!)
Joseph MacGown
Kevin with his new acquisitions
Laurie Burton and Joe Mulrooney!
Lucas Muniz and Juan

The Mullrooneys and Mike Buehler
This Buehler has great taste
Thumbs up

Shirley Ross (right) and her mom in law
Jessica Cheek
Victoria Cheek
Victoria Cheek and Joseph
Thanks again to the Buehler's and Jessica Cheek for giving me the opportunity to have this local exhibition at the Mississippi Modern Homesteading Center, and to Chalet Arts for all the framing and other awesome stuff they have done for me for this show and others. Without Mark Wood, Lorie Wood, Alan Fortenberry, and the rest of the crew at Chalet Arts, I could not have framed this show, had prints available, and books printed. You guys rock!

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