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The Garden of Fernal Delights Launch - May 30th 2015

Great news! As I mentioned in a previous post, I will have three pieces of my art in upcoming book entitled "The Garden of Fernal Delights." The book will include the artwork of 114 international artists! My pieces include "Green Silence", "Gordenobyte", and the illustration for the chapter heading for the "K" section of the book. Cool! The Fernal genesis is the brainchild of Gromyko Semper, and the book concept and design is by Liba W. Stambollion, and it is curated by Liba Stambollion and Gromyko Semper. 

Green Silence, by Joe A. MacGown 
"K" by Joe A. MacGown
Gordenobyte, by Joe A. MacGown
Additionally, some of the works will be including in a traveling show that will open at Bash Gallery in San Francisco on May 30th, 2015 and run through June 30th, 2015. After the USA it will move on to Asia. Keep posted for the listing of future shows. The launching exhibit includes 36 of the 114 artists involved in the book project. It is logistically too difficult to exhibit work from the entire Fernal family.  Nonetheless, as the shows unfolds, pieces will sell, new pieces will be added.  It will evolve and even take on new artists from the group.

Guess what! I am one of the 36 artists will have artwork in this show! Way cool. Unfortunately, my piece "Gordenbyte" will not be included in the show because it sold this year at Luminarte Gallery in Dallas, TX at the opening of the LUSO-American Surrealism 2014 exhibition featuring the works various surreal artists from the USA and Portugal. Of course, I am happy to have sold it:) The show will feature these 36 artists as well as video jockeys, musicians, and various performers. A carnival is planned as part of the show! What? Yes. Crazy. 

The night of the opening there will be the book launch of the limited edition Encyclopedia of Fernal Affairs. This book is 250 pages and lavishly illustrated and written by the 114 artists. It both co-creates and catalogues the Fernal Garden of Delights. Artists will be present for book signings. I wrote sections about the art I submitted, as did some of the other artists. This book will be awesome. Everyone should buy this book. Seriously. Read more about the Fernal Art project at:

Poster Design for the Fernal Delights Project

Artist List for the San Francisco Launch
(look up these artists on Google, you will be amazed by their works)

Amanda Sage
Bette Burgoyne
Brigid Marlin
Bruce Rimell
Carol Prusa
Carrie Ann Baade
Charles Wish
David Heskin & Aloria Weaver.
Dengkoy Miel
Eli TiunineErnst Fuchs
Gabriela Garza Padilla
Gaia Orion
Gromyko Semper
Hanna Faith Yata
Hector Pineda
Heidi Taillfer
Iain Whittaker
Joe MacGown
Kathileen Schmieder
Leeroy New
Leslie Ditto
Liba Waring Stambollion
Madeline Von Foerster
Mark Henson
Martina Hoffman
Maura Holden
Michel Bassot
Mike Davis
Otto Rapp
Patrick McGrath Muniz
Sandra Yagi
Sergey Tyukanov
Steven Kenny
Vladimir Ovtcharow
Zeljko Djurovic

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