Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Dreams and Divinities Exhibition, Dallas, TX –recap of reception

First of all, thanks  again to Liba Stambollian for organizing this fantastic finale to the traveling "Dreams and Divinities" exhibition and to Matt Anzak, director of LuminArte Gallery in Dallas, TX for hosting the show.  

(photo by Patrick Muni)
This show, entitled “Dreams and Divinities Equinox,” opened on March 21st in celebration of the Spring Equinox. The fantastic art was a blend of  Visionary Art, Surrealism, and Fantastic Realism. Pieces were inspired by cultural and spiritual references, Sacred Geometry, elements of nature, explorations into the subconscious mind, visions, dreams, and fantasy. 

The list of artists in this show included some super talented and well known folks from around the world including Liba Waring Stambollion, Peter Gric, Andrew Gonzalez, Joe MacGown, Martina Hoffmann, Emma Watkinson, Otto Rapp, Adam Scott Miller, Cody Seekins, Patrick McGrath Muniz, Sandra Yagi, Bruce Rimell, Raul Casillas, Miguel Tio, David Heskin and Aloria Weaver, Chris Dyer, Erich Moffit, Hector Pineda, Carrie Ann Baade, Zeljko Djurovic, Roku Sasaki, Elisabeth Slettnes, Android Jones, Marcus McAllister, Gabriela Garza Padilla, Martin Stensaas and Sunny Strasburg. 

I made the quick trip to Dallas with another Starkville artist, Laurie Burton, and although we were there only a short time, we greatly enjoyed the show and meeting some artists and attendees. We started out Saturday by visiting some other galleries and antique stores in the vicinity of Luminarte Gallery. One of the private galleries we found was owned by French artist Jacques Lamy ( This guy was super awesome and had some wonderful pieces of art from abstract to almost surreal. Really enjoyed talking with him and seeing his artwork!! 

Jacques Lamy!

Work by Jacques 
Works by other artist at Lamy's gallery
Just a door or so down we found another beautiful gallery (or two or three). Check this stuff out! A small sampling of stuff in the Design District of Dallas. 

But, back to Dreams and Divinites! We arrived at the reception at 7 PM and met the owner Jamie Labar and director Matt Anzak. Super nice folks! Directly after that we met two other artists with works in the show, Patrick McGrath Muniz and Andrew Gonzalez. These guys are ridiculously amazing artists, both well respected worldwide, and it was wonderful to meet them both in person. And, they were humble genuine guys who just happen to be incredible artists. 
Patrick, Andrew, and me in front of Patrick's painting

Patrick and his wife

I really enjoyed this show. There were some similarities of styles with some of the "visionary" works, but in general, most of the artists were very unique. All of the artists were at the top of their game with technique beyond reproach. I even felt like my works fit in nicely to the blend of styles and genres. This was a good show for me to attend in that I was able to observe the reactions of viewers seeing my work side by side with artists who are known and respected worldwide. The response I received was overwhelmingly positive. I now feel like I definitely fit in with this crowd, even though my art is quite different than any there. It did not hurt me that I already had some pieces in the gallery. As a result, I actually had more pieces present than any other artist, with five total. Matt Anzak seized on this and actually placed my four larger pictures in a prime spot, where they received a lot of attention. Thanks Matt!

Two of my pieces, Ossiforestation and Convergence
Two more of my pieces, As Above, So Below and Zabulation
The piece on the left is mine, "Going Green" is the title

Here are a few pictures from the show! Enjoy! If possible, check this show out in person at Luminarte Gallery on 1727 E. Levee Street, Dallas, TX. It will be up for a couple of months. 

Liba Stabollian's work!
Gorgeous painting by Roku Sasaki
Luis Tamani Amasifuen's painting!
top piece by Michael Divine and bottom by Otto Rapp
3D work by Magi Calhoun
Martina Stensaas (left), Luist Masifuen (middle) and Martina Hoffman (right)
Aloria Weaver (left) and David Heskin (right)
Kathi Schmieder, Andrew Gonzalez, Patrick Muniz, and Kathi's Husband
Sandy Yagi (top) and Erich Moffitt (bottom)

Work by Zeljko Djurovic
Gorgeous works by Raul Casillas Roma. Very detailed and full of color and things.  

Amazing work by Carrie Anne Bade

Zeljko Djurovic and Martina Stensaas

Chris Dyer and Bruce Rimmell
Andrew Gonzalez's works 
Marcus McAllister
Visionary self portrait by Adam Scott Miller
A wonderful painting by Patrick McGrath Muniz
Andrew Gonzalez talking with fellow visionary artist Greg Pettit
A beautiful digital/collage work by Andrew Jones
Cody Seekin's interesting painting on the left and of course Roku's work on the right
An intriguing work by Miguel Tio
Work by Bruce Rimmell
Andrew Gonzalez 

Martina Hoffman
Otto Rapp's piece
Another gorgeous piece by Andrew Gonzalez
Chris Dyer did this crazy piece

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