Thursday, April 22, 2010

2010 Cotton District Arts Festival Juried Art Competition

I had two pieces of art, "Organic Cosmic Lock" and "Ossiforestation", accepted in this years Cotton District Arts Festival Juried Art Competition held in Starkville, MS on 17 April 2010. After the judging was over, I somehow managed to win Best of Show with "Organic Cosmic Lock" and first place in the painting/drawing division with "Ossiforestation"! Both awards included nice cash prizes too, so I was more than happy. In a student art competition held in conjunction with the festival, my son won first place in the photography divsion and an honorable mention in the art division for 8th and 9th grades.

Organic Cosmic Lock


I had my drawing "Echinodermatter" included in a compilation art book entitled "Imagine the Imagination: New Visions of Surrealism" published by Negoist Publishing Co. based out of Poland. The book includes works by 100 surreal artists from around the world. This is a very nice book, full of weirdness! The book can be ordered at



seesa said...

Joe MacGown is definitely one with nature and it shows that throughout all his work. He spent his younger days collecting insects, exploring the woods, and drawing everything he could see, including many things that no one ever sees. His drawing are so detailed and almost chaotic, in a good way. I can look at the same drawing and find something different every time I look at it. He plays with positive and negative space and fills the area as much as possible. I love his variety of surrealism and realism . He pays attention of detail in all his work. His bug study is awesome and every nook and cranny of the specimen. But his surrealism drawings are my favorite work because he takes what people don’t see in nature and draws it. He finds different shapes and creatures in everything he looks at. I find myself doing that too. I start staring at everyday objects and start seeing different shapes and creatures in the object but my imagination is as detailed as Joe’s is.

Joe MacGown said...

thanks for the really nice comment here.

Joe MacGown said...
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