Sunday, January 30, 2011

New works in progress

Been working on a few new color pieces lately. As with my recently finished "Manic Depression", I am doing these on primed birch plywood. I have a couple that I started with thinned acrylic paint and another with colored ink. I love putting random color down and then trying to draw something out of it with pens. I decided to put an unfinished one up to illustrate how I add detail to the colored areas. This particular one was done with colored inks and has a greenish overall tone. The green picture is 2 X 4 feet. The first section picture below is near the bottom of the image. You can see large uninked areas at this point. I also put up a couple of details of one of the acrylic ones I am working on.

Green Detail #1

Green Detail #2

Detail of acrylic-ink painting, as yet untitled