Saturday, February 13, 2016

AOI Peace Across Europe - Group Exhibition

Good news! I will be sending my piece entitled "Going Green" to Paris this week for the first leg of the AOI, Peace Across Europe Exhibition curated by Liba Stambollian. This group exhibition will begin at the Atelier Gustave at 36 ure Boissonade in Paris, France in late March. From there, it will travel to London and Berlin.

At least 50 artists will be participating in this traveling show including the likes of Liba Stambollian, Otto Rapp, Alex Grey, Martina Hoffman, A. Andrew Gonzalez, Maura Holden, and many others! Great company for sure.

Thanks to Mark Wood, owner of Chalet Arts in Starkville, MS for framing this work!

Here's the picture I am sending (just returned from Dallas). Was going to send "Going to the Circus", but happily, it was sold yesterday!

Going Green, by Joe A. MacGown

Jones County Junior College Exhibition - Rundown

Poignant Translations of Life in Mississippi - Three Person Show at Jones County Junior College in January - Reception

At one pm on Tuesday, January 9, Joseph, Laurie, and I made our way to Ellisville, MS to meet students and faculty for our three person show. I was asked to give a talk about the art, but I also invited Joseph and Laurie to discuss their own art. It ended up being a wonderful session, with lots of discussion and questions. Hopefully, we motivated these students in some way! I think it was nice for them to see one of their peers, Joseph, being a part of an exhibition and talking about his art. 

Laurie Burton, Joseph MacGown, Joe MacGown, and Mark Brown

Thanks again to Mark Brown and the Art Dept. at Jones for inviting us to down to show and talk about our art. Thanks much to Mark Wood, owner of Chalet Arts in Starkville, MS for his continued support! 

Here are a few pictures! Enjoy.