Friday, May 8, 2009

New work, daily art fix, and exhibit over

Features and Interviews

I was featured as the daily artist on "The Daily Art Fixx", on May 8, 2009! This web site features and writes about a different artist everyday. Very cool You can check my feature out at "Semi-Strange Art: Joe MacGown".

A couple of weeks ago I was interviewed by a new surreal collaborative group called the Collaborative Corpse. You can read the interview here: "Interview with club member Joe MacGown".

MacGown Exhibition in Eupora, MS is now Over

My one man show
at the Bly Fine Arts Center in Eupora, MS is now officially over. Overall, I thought the reception went well, and we had around 150 people show up! If the consumption of the vast quantities of food we had on hand was any indication, the event was a great success. Check out my page for more pictures and info on the show at MACGOWN - EUPORA ART EXHIBIT. Thanks for everybody who was able to make it to the opening and to others who saw the show later!

New painting/drawing finished

I just finished a new mixed media picture done in watercolor and ink on illustration board. I entitled it "Organic Cosmic Lock". Man, this thing took forever! Lots of wash layers, then lots of stipple and tiny crosshatches, then some more washes, then some ink. Anyway, here it is: