Sunday, May 5, 2013

Things happening, new art finished, more to come.....

Busy as hell almost all of the time, but somehow finding little pockets of time for art and yard work, which is artistic in its own way. I literally have over 30 pieces of art that I am working on here and there. Crazy! Wish I had more time. BUMMER!

Finally finished up a couple of pictures though. The first one I called "Gordenobyte". I did this one with acrylic paint, colored inks, and Rapidograph pens on primed 3/4 inch birch plywood. It started out bigger, 2 X 2 feet, but I completely hated where it was going, so I cut out the part I kind of liked. It was totally abstract to begin with, but gradually, I started to see something as I added detail. Got it too dark in places and thought I ruined it, but was able to work around that a bit.

Gordenobyte, by Joe A. MacGown
It finally started looking like some kind of fish or something. Anyway, I worked on it some, then put it up, stared at it at various times, then would come back and add something here and there. Eventually,  I stopped, and here you go!

Detail of "Gordenobyte"

The second one is called "March Madness". This was a crazy random painting thing. Started with a piece of 2 X 2 feet 1/4 inch birch plywood, which I primed white. Then put some spray paint on there, some random splashes of black and red house paint, pour motor oil on there - stuff like that. I moved the board around to let paint flow, put spray paint on top of the wet house paint, even set the oil on fire at some point. Had to wipe the soot off. Anyway, after it mostly dried, I ended up wiping off the excess oil. Later, I started adding some acrylic paint with a paint brush, basically just pulling out stuff that was already there. Here is the result.

March Madness by Joe MacGown