Friday, February 10, 2012

features on my art coming up.

Have been piddling around with the art lately, not getting a lot done, but getting parts of some things done. Life has become so busy!!!! But, even so, sold a few prints this past month, both straight from me and also from my Deviant Art and Fine Art America accounts. So, thats pretty sweet. Trying to finish up something for the Cotton District Arts Festival held in mid April, but the early March deadline is fast approaching and I don't know if I will make it. That would suck, as I have been lucky enough to win some money the last few years!

Coincidently, I was interviewed about my art by a new newspaper called The Real Story, based out of Columbus, MS and a fashion/arts magazine called Town and Gown. In addition to those interviews, some of my art will be featured in the Mississippi Journal for Sustainable Living [more info about this group at: ]. All of these interviews and features should be coming out in the March issue, so I guess we will see how that goes.  Of the three, the Town and Gown magazine is certainly the most upscale. Maybe some weird wealthy person will read about me and decide to become my patron! I wish. The idea of sitting around doing art fulltime is very appealing. I feel confident that the story will be well done, as it is being written by Joe Lee, a Mississippi novelist out of Jackson, MS. I actually went to high school with Joe, so its cool that he is writing the article, although it was not his idea. Leilani Salter, editor of the Starkville Daily and Town and Gown, is also a great photographer, and she actually came out to my studio to take photos of me in my element.  She brought an employee named Claire with her, and they hung out for a while shooting pictures and asking questions. It was wonderful talking with both of them about art. And, believe me, Leilani is an artist when it come to photography. In fact, she had a photography exhibit up at the Depot Gallery following my show there. So, yeah, a novelist is writing the article and a professional photographer who is in her own right a great writer and editor are doing this story! Can't ask for much more than that!!! It was weird to have them out at the house only two days after the writer and photographer from The Real Story had been there too. I also enjoyed talking to them and am curious to see where they go with the story.