Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Energy Art Spectrum 2011-Meridian Museum of Art

The Energy Spectrum 2011

We will be having an Exhibition of the International Energy Art Movement (EAM) at the Meridian Museum of Art in Meridian, MS (USA) between Oct. 5 – Nov. 26, 2011 with a reception on Oct. 29, 6-8 pm.

This is big, this is AWESOME! This is an international exhibit featuring 48 works of art from 21 artists from 11 countries and 10 US States! The Energy Spectrum 2011 is the 5th exhibition of the Movement, after successful exhibitions in Canada, Chicago, Memphis, and most recently the annual Energy Art Salon in Russia, all followed by media acclaim. The current exhibition intends to show the breadth of what energy art is able to express, as a "spectrum" of concepts and their depictions, analogously to the scientific idea of the electromagnetic spectrum.

A wide range of styles, techniques, and mediums will be presented at the exhibition, from cutting edge digital fractal flame art, through detailed ink drawings done in hundreds of hours, to the emotive brushwork of energetic expressionism.

Artists Participating in the Exhibit
Aaron Reichert (Louisiana, USA)
Adam Scott Miller (USA/Australia)
AEres Vistaas (New Jersey, USA)
Arriba Stature (Washington, USA)
Dan Bunea (Romania)
Giorgio Vaselli (Hungary/Canada)
Greg Pettit (Texas, USA)
Helene Kippert (Australia)
Hiroyuki Saito (Japan)
Jeroen van Valkenburg (Netherlands)
Joe MacGown (Mississippi, USA)
Kaisa Koljonen (Finland)
Ladi Fricova (Czech Republic/UK)
Lee Mitchell (Michigan, USA)
Peggy Mintun (Ohio, USA)
Penelope Oakley (UK)
Rita Dianni-Kaleel (Illonois, USA)
Ronnj Medini (Italy)
Shahla Rosa (California, USA)
Simon Haiduk (Canada)
Teresa Young (Canada)

My three pieces in the show are "Nine Panes of Thought", "Manic Depression", and "Nine Spheres to Enlightenment".

Nine Panes of Thought

Manic Depression

Nine Spheres to Enlightenment

About the Movement
The Energy Art Movement now includes a hundred members around the globe from Romania to Japan and two from Mississippi, the Movement intends to build a multi-span bridge between various parts of the art world.

The Energy Art Movement is an international contemporary multimedia art movement, with three primary values: quality, diversity, and evolution – on the common ground of energetic depictions. The Movement's values have been explicitly defined in its manifesto – which is its founding document – and its principles. Members believe that enhancing their creations with energy – either in composition or in subject matter – adds artistic value to their depictions. The Movement strives to follow a progressive trend of forward evolution in the Fine Arts, while embracing both traditional and digital media.

The Movement’s members draw from many earlier major styles – such as impressionism, expressionism, and futurism – while they enhance their work with energetic compositions which –according to their manifesto‘s reasoning – adds artistic value to them, and thus is a new stage of evolution and synthesis for those styles, and so for the Fine Arts. As Organizer Giorgio Vaselli has stated: “I would like our messages to be revolutionary, yet nonradical. Heard, yet not loud. Influential, yet non-confrontational. Clear, yet deep."

About the Museum
The mission of the Meridian Museum of Art is to promote the visual arts through exhibitions and collections, art education and support of regional artists, and to enhance community life through the celebration of diverse cultures. Museum programs are supported by the City of Meridian, the Mississippi Arts Commission, the National Endowment for the Arts, and the Riley Foundation.

The Meridian Museum of Art is located at 628 25th Avenue, Meridian, MS 39301, USA. The Museum is housed in the historic Old Carnegie Library building (constructed 1912-1913). The Museum is open 11 am - 5 pm, Wednesday - Saturday, and admission to the Museum is free.

MMA Director, Kate Cherry,
EAM Organizer Giorgio, Vaselli Giorgio,
EAM Representative, Joe MacGown, |