Saturday, December 4, 2010

New mixed media drawing/painting finished

I finally pretty much finished up a drawing that I started a year ago. Although I did not work on the picture everyday, it took a ton of time to finish. The image is 4 x 4 feet on a piece of plywood. I painted it first with white paint a couple of times, then randomly applied colored inks using various methods. Then, of course, I went back with rapidograph pens of a couple of different thicknesses to find and delineate weird stuff. The title of the drawing is "Manic Depression". Thus far, I have not been able to get a good image of the piece because it is pretty big and a bit shiny. I do have some images anyway that may give you an idea.

Manic Depression 4 x 4 feet

Detail 1

Detail 2

Detail 3

Detail 4

I have some drawings in a couple of books

I have a few drawings in a cool new book entitled "Visionary Art Yearbook: 2010-2011". Otto Rapp, who started the online group for Visionary artists, put this beautiful book together. The book includes works by artists from around the world. I have artwork on pages 37, 92, 142, 143 and the inside of the back of the dust jacket (the piece entitled Disintegration on page 142 was a collaboration between myself and Deb Valentine, although it was mislabeled and my name is not associated with it). This book can be purchased at the Blurb Online Bookstore.

I also have two collaborative drawings that I did with Bernard Dumaine of France in a book called Miximages, which is also for sale on the Blurb Online Bookstore. This book is an incredible compilation of many of Bernard's surreal collaborations that he has done with artists from around the world.