Sunday, July 19, 2009

Current exhibits and art news

Things have been busy this summer - both at work and at home! Although I have been busy, I have also had time to be involved with some group exhibits. I had my painting "Ossiforestation" in the 18th Annual People's Choice Art Competition at the Meridian Museum of Art (MS). The show ran from 6 June through 11 July.


I have a watercolor painting of a zebra swallowtail butterfly on display as part of a group exhibition at Greater Starkville Development Foundation Gallery, 200 Main Street, Starkville, MS. I also have prints of some of my weird drawings at the Creative Warehouse in downtown Starkville. Anyone interested should stop by and buy a print!

I have my drawing "Echinodermatter" in a really cool group show at the Sunrise Gallery in Hamilton, Ontario, CANADA. The show, featuring international artists from the Energy Art Movement is entitled "Green Energy" runs from 11 July through 2 August, 2009. The show includes such notable artists as De Es Schwrtberger, Robert Venosa, Martina Hoffman, Giorgio Vaselli, and others. This same drawing will be included in an upcoming book including the works of 100 international artists. The book includes works of some of the members of the Surreal Arts and the International Imaginative Artist Association (IIAA), both hosted on, and will be published by nEgoist publishing. This surrealist book collective will be entitled: Imagine the Imagination, New Visions of Surrealism.