Sunday, May 17, 2020

Selling Art During a Pandemic

Wow, it has been a crazy spring with the Covid 19 Virus Pandemic effectively shutting down many businesses either temporarily or permanently. Of course, all festivals, art walks, and gallery and museum exhibitions have been canceled or postponed. This has made selling art difficult. Fortunately we have social media. Never has there been a time for an artist when social media was more important than now, and boy I have been posting a lot of art. And guess what, this spring has been my best art selling year ever, already! So, thanks very much to all of our great followers, supporters, buyers and others who have helped during this difficult time.

Here are some fun shots from my studio from the last week. Many of the originals in the photos have been sold! No worries, I have plenty left as does Joseph. But if you want something, don't wait, cuz it moving. Thanks.

Almost everything in these pictures was framed at Chalet Arts! If you are an artist around here and you are not framing your work there, then you are making it more difficult to sell your art. A great frame that showcases your work makes it much easier to sell and showcase your art. And the staff at Chalet Art are fantastic about working with local artist. Talk to them and form relationships. You will thank me later.