Monday, June 5, 2017

Recent arty happenings at Sunday Funday

Some of The Greater Good Collective Ringleaders, left to right: Lindsay Runnels, Bonnie Brumley, Blair Edwards,  Joseph MacGown, and Joe MacGown (posing for a story in the Columbus Dispatch)
Last Sunday, May 28th, marked the inaugural Sunday Funday arts and music  day in the Cotton District of Starkville, MS. The event was sponsored by the newly formed organization called The Greater Good Collective, whose mission is to foster community oriented events, especially art related. The day started out rainy, and we had to move the start time from 11 AM to 12:30 PM, but then it was beautiful. Joseph and I set up our tent, and the entire road of Rue du Grande Fromage was filled with artists, artisans, musicians, dogs, kids, and grownups! Two Brother's Smoked Meats opened up to serve select food and beverages, 929 Coffee had a nitro coffee and tea cart, and the Poporium had selections of gourmet popcorn. One end of the road featured live music and the other had records being played by Keatzi Gunmoney at Scooter's Records! All in all, it was a great and successful first Sunday Funday. The next one will be on June 25! Here are a bunch of photos I got from the event.

Thanks a bunch to the Camps of the Cotton District for allowing us  to set up there, to Two Brothers Smoked Meats, to Chalet Arts, and to all the great volunteers!