Sunday, December 2, 2012

New Art

Just finished up a collaborations with Elle Gottzi ( Ella is an awesome artist as well as a tattoo artist. She has blue hair. I like that. Its pretty cool. For the collab, I put some abstract watercolor down on a piece of illustration board and drew weird stuff on the right side, covered my part except for a one inch strip down the middle, and left the left side for her to complete. Mailed it to her, but forgot to tell her which side my part was done on. Stupid Joe. So, she flipped it upside down and did the right side of that. It still worked out quite well, because it is all weird crazy stuff, and it does not really matter how it goes. Elle titled the finished piece "Incubation". See it below....I think this might look good on a ceiling?

Incubation by Joe MacGown and Elle Gottzi
Here is the image of my half of the collab by itself. I call this "Orangish Madness". My scanner apparently gives a different color to the image as compared to Elle's. But, you get the idea.

Orangish Madness, by Joe MacGown

I also just finished up another colored ink and Rapidograph pen drawing on birch plywood. This one is 8 X 24 inches. I could not come up with a great name for this one. Ended up calling it "Going Green".  Why not, right? Its the thing to do.

Going Green, by Joe MacGown

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I like this alot.