Saturday, February 23, 2013

New Art, Mr. Manhattan Find the Life

Just finished up this picture. This was a fairly quick one, really a study of sorts for a large painting type deal I might want to do. I called it "Mr. Manhattan Finds the Life".  Not much much to say, as I feel the title is self explanatory. It was done with colored inks and Rapidograph on hot press illustration board.

Mr. Manhattan Finds the Life
In other news, I went to an awesome cool watercolor demo by Wyatt Waters at noon on Thursday. For the demo, Wyatt did a quick painting of another great Mississippi artist, Bill Dunlap. Later that evening, I attended the opening of Bill's show at the Cullis Wade Depot Gallery on the Mississippi State campus. Great show. Go if you can! These two dudes are really good. Check out their art at their respective web sites: Wyatt Waters [] and Bill Dunlap []

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