Saturday, March 9, 2013

Surreal Decalcomania

Decalcomania, what is it? Simply put, apply pigment to glass, plastic, or a similarly smooth surface, then apply to paper, canvas, or other material by pressing the two surfaces together. The application of pigment can be entirely abstract or more structured. Whatever, no rules. Do what you want. I love this technique for starting random surreal artwork. Basically, it gives me a backdrop for a mixed media drawing. One of my favorite surreal artists, Max Ernst, used this technique in his artwork. 

Here is an example of one I did a few years ago that I entitled "Facing the Future". 

Facing the Future, by Joe A. MacGown

Today, I randomly applied various colors of acrylic paint and colored inks onto a clear piece of thin plastic.

Palette of acrylic paint
Some of  my colored inks
pigment on plastic
I then put a fresh piece of plastic on top of that pigment and mashed the two pieces together. Next, I pulled the top piece away. Then I pressed pieces of smooth bristol paper against the pigments, and finally, pulled the paper away.

Bristol paper with color transferred  from plastic
bristol paper with color from plastic
Next step, let the now colored paper dry. When dry, I can started adding details with pens, pencils, paint, or whatever. Updates forthcoming!

Earlier in the day, our crazy redneck, poetry writing, guitar playing friend Gentry Lewis stopped by. He has recently grown a trippy beard deal and resembles some insightful philosopher dude.

Joseph MacGown and Gentry Lewis

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