Thursday, January 9, 2014

Some folks visit my studio

A couple of art folks came out to my house and studio Saturday morning to check out some of my art and maybe get an idea of how I do things. And, Joseph, who has been really getting into the art scene lately, also had some trippy stuff and ideas to show. The two visitors were Laurie Burton, local artist and Tania Mottos, a young lady from El Salvador who is doing an internship here in Starkville. Joseph and I visited Laurie's studio last weekend, so she seemed pretty excited to be checking out our space and art. 

After apparently driving down a couple of wrong roads, which is not unusual when people visit us for the first time due to strange intertwining country roads in the area, they arrived. And in a fancy car! Convertible Camaro. Don't see many of those out on these gravel roads. It was very cool. I got Joseph to take a picture of me in front of it!

Laurie's fancy car!
I started the tour with my house, so they could check some art that I had made using the local fossil shells and cedar, and also some of my collaborative work that I have done with other artists from around the world. Laurie was really digging the fossil shell mosaics, and you could see the wheels turning in her head. Laurie makes really cool mosaics with glass and other things.

As we headed outside, I showed them my handmade cedar benches and carved tikis. Fairly cool in a basic primitive way and quite different from the art that I typically do. We finally made it to the studio, where both Joseph and I showed them some of our art and talked about some of our methods. We both like to explore different media and techniques. Sometimes the results are pretty good, sometimes, we just make a mess!

Joseph, Laurie, and Tania - one of my "Fish" paintings in the center
Laurie, me, and Tania - one of Joseph's collages at right

Looking at stuff

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