Sunday, May 4, 2014

Surreal Strangeness in Starkville: Art Exhibition by Laurie Burton, Joseph MacGown, and Joe MacGown

We had a pretty good crowd last night at our Surreal show here in Starkville with probably close to 50 folks showing up to view our art and talk about art and other things. This was probably close to the perfect sized crowd given the smallish space. We even had a few things out on the porch of Laurie's place. And the weather could not have been better!! Yep. Thanks a bunch to Laurie Burton for allowing Joseph and I to exhibit some of our art alongside of hers. I think the combination worked out really well.

Laurie Burton

All three of us sold some stuff, so, it was successful in that regard too. Sold several copies of my art book, which was nice. Regional artist Frank McGuigan (check out his stuff on his Facebook art page at: seemed especially taken with Joseph's work, and he and some others purchased several small prints, including some that he had adhered to wood and brushed over with acrylic gloss medium. I saw some people carting out a couple of Laurie's smaller paintings as well.

Stuff on the porch
Both Laurie and I had some more expensive pieces ($400-$1500), but none of these sold. We did not really expect to sell them at this small venue anyway, and they were mostly here for folks to look at and contemplate. In all actuality, it is super hard to sell original art in Starkville that is priced above $150. Prints do fine, of course. I suppose times are tough. Even the rich folks around here don't seem to buy much art, at least locally. I know several wealthy jokers who have told me they would like some of my art, but they could not afford it right now. When I say rich, I mean you know, millionaires or close to it, living in 5000 sq ft homes and blah blah. They want it, but they want you to give it to them! But, those same people don't give their services out for free! Funny. We all had good reaction to our art, so that was great.

Brent Wallace and Joseph MacGown
John Formby 
Helen O"Neill 
Joseph MacGown, guitar boy
Joseph, Max Roethig, and Sandra Schachat

Joseph and people looking and stuff
The Ramseys 
April Wallace and her daughter Wren
Its always surprising to see who comes to shows in our area, and especially, who doesn't. With the university here and its nationally known art department, a strong high school art program, and a thriving and lucrative local Starkville Arts Association group, you would think that whenever there was an art show of any type, most of those folks would show up to soak up any and all art. But, sadly, this is not the case. I think we had one MSU art student show up (thanks Thomas McBroom!), no high school art students (and I am telling you, they would have fucking loved this show!!), one MSU art faculty member (Greg Martin, a fairly new guy from Los Angeles who we see at every single art and music related venue in the area!), and maybe 3 or 4 folks from the local arts association, despite the fact that the president elect (Laurie Burton), hosted this event in her gallery/home. Amazing. And yet, we still had at least 50 folks come by.

Sandra Schachat and Greg Martin
Anyway, the show was pretty awesome! Had fun chatting with some goobs. If you missed this, it will still be up for the Starkville Artists tour next Saturday afternoon from 4-7 pm. I believe you can buy tickets to this event for $10 each. A ticket will allow you to view the studios of 5 local artists, including Laurie Burton. Since Joseph and I have works here, we will be part of the studio tour by default. But, hey, if you don't want to pay 10 bucks, you can come visit my studio any time you want to, and yes, for FREE!

And, if next Saturday does not work for you, I will be having a one person show with an opening reception on Thursday, May 15th from 6 to 8 pm at the Mississippi Modern Homesteading Center off of Newlight Road here in Starkville, MS ( I will have some duplication of art, but also will have other stuff. This will not be the same show.

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