Thursday, October 23, 2014

Recaps of Recent Shows

Endangered Visions Exhibition in the Philippines 

Well, I sent one picture to international exhibition entitled "Endangered Visions" in Manila, Philippines. The amazingly talented and prolific Filipino artist Gromyko Semper curated this show and invited me to participate. My submission was called "Going to the Circus." It sounds like the show was a huge success and was well received. Lots of top level artists were involved, and I feel pretty good about being asked to participate. I probably should have sent more than one piece, but its pretty expensive to ship art and a bit of a gamble. As a result, I tend to ship smaller pieces such as this one. Fortunately it made it! I would have liked it more if it had sold, but from here I believe it and some others will be traveling to another venue. So, some folks in the Philippines and elsewhere got to see some art from a Mississippi artist. Thats what its all about really.

"Going to the Circus"
A few of the many extraordinary works at the Manila show
A picture of "Going to the Circus" in Manila

Starkville Area Arts Council Abstract Show

I had three pictures in a local abstract show here in Starkville as I mentioned in previous posts, one of which sold! Cool. In fact, I believe 4 or 5 pieces in the show sold. That is great news for our arts group. I hope future shows do even better.

Erin standing in front of the wall with a couple of my works (far right)
My abstract piece that sold!

The Meridian Museum of Art BiState Competition

I entered 3 pieces in the annual BiState Art Competition held at the Meridian Museum of Art in Meridian, MS this year, but only one, "Blue Fish", was accepted. I was somewhat surprised as it was the weakest piece in my opinion compared to the other two, "Pagan Totem Goddess" and "Convergence." In fact, "Convergence" won best of show and first place in the painting drawing division at the most recent Cotton District Arts Festival here in Starkville. Go figure. Anyway, sometimes I think it comes down to which one reduces the best for submissions to these shows, as well as juror preference. However, in this case, if you had these pieces side by side I think it would be hard to pick "Blue Fish" as the best one. Its cool, don't get me wrong, but honestly it was just a little quick study I did. Well, it did not win anything apparently, but, it sold for $500. Funny.

Blue Fish

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