Thursday, April 23, 2015

MacGown in Upcoming Art Walks in West Point and Starkville, MS


10 AM to 2 PM, downtown West Point, MS at "The Bink"!!!

Yep, Art Walk in downtown West Point this Saturday from 10 AM to 2 PM. Lots of artists including me will be taking over businesses located on Commerce Street and the surrounding area to sell and display their wares. Both inside and on the sidewalks. I will be inside the hair salon, The Bink. Come see me. I will have copies of my art book for sale ($40) about 100 pages and full of art, various sizes of prints, and some originals. My prints and books were printed by Chalet Arts. The book is soft cover, and the print quality is excellent! Yes.

Me with my book. Get a signed copy! $40! It like getting a bunch of small prints for only 40 bucks!!!

I will have prints ranging from 5 X 7 inches to 24 X 30 inches with prices from $5 to $100. Originals will be much higher, of course :) Here are a few examples of prints that I will have.

"Convergence" The original is currently featured in an international group show in Dallas, TX

Reproductions of this collaborative piece I did with Gromyko Semper, an artist from the Philippines

Organic Cosmic Lock. The original was featured as part of a group show in Chicago, IL

Zabulation, the original of which is currently in Dallas at a major show

Green Silence. Was done for the back of a CD featuring a variety of international trance groups. Next, it will be featured in an upcoming book, "The Encyclopedia of Fernal Affairs. 

Inquistive Fish. The original was recently purchased by the East Mississippi Community College Art Dept.

 Starkville Art Walk 2015

10 AM to 2 PM, downtown Starkville, MS at "The Book Mart"!!!

Well, heck. Starkville is also doing an art walk! That's right, from 10 AM to 2 PM on May 2nd, 2015. The weekend after the one in West Point. For the most part, we will have a different array of artists at the Starkville Art Walk, with, of course some overlap. Please come out and join us and support both the Starkville Area Arts Council and our local artists (INCLUDING ME). Thanks! I will be located with my art in the Book Mart with two other local artists, Laurie Parker and Duane Lyon. As at the West Point Art Walk, I will  have copies of my book, prints, and a few originals for sale...Come by and see us.

Me, posing with some expensive art. If you want this stuff, contact me! 

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