Monday, December 7, 2015

Poignant Translations of Life in Mississippi - Three Person Show at Jones County Junior College in January

From 25 January to 22 February 2016, Laurie Burton, Joseph H. MacGown (my son), and I will have a surreal exhibition at the Eula Bass Lewis Gallery at Jones County Junior College in Jones County, Mississippi. There will a reception of sorts and I will give some kind of gallery talk at a date not yet finalized, but likely on a Tuesday afternoon.

3D work by Laurie Burton
Mark Brown, an exciting artist specializing in making art from found objects, is an award winning instructor at the school, and it was he who invited us to show our work there. Our works, although done in different media and executed in different styles, are all surrealistic in nature ranging from Laurie's strange and often poignant 3D pieces, to Joseph's raw, colorful, expressive pieces to my more detailed subconscious inspired surreal pieces.

March Madness, by Joe A. MacGown
A colorful piece by Joseph H. MacGown


Teresa McCreery said...

One correction on the location of Jones County Junior College. It is located in Jones County, in Ellisville Mississippi.

Joe MacGown said...

Thanks. Strangely, I corrected this much earlier, but apparently blogger did not believe me. I have had all sorts of problems with this blog site. I think I got it now!