Saturday, November 26, 2016

Joseph and Joe MacGown Art at 929 Coffee, 3 Dec. 2016

Joseph and I will have prints, postcards and stuff for sale at 929 Coffee from 5-9 pm on December 3, 2016. Quite a few other local artists will be selling art as well. 

Thanks to 929 for once again inviting local artists to sell their work and thanks to Chalet Arts for making high quality prints for us. 

Artists who will be present include:

- Allison Julien & Joseph (Gerard) Woods
- Haley Hodges & Adam Chandler
- Bonnie Brumley & Blair Edwards
- Paisley Hamilton
- LeeAnn Wilson
- Melanie Shumock
- Rachael Smith Floyd
- Joe MacGown & Joseph H. MacGown
- Faith Bullard
- Mary Margaret Pritchard
- Dulcy Little
- Doc & Linda McGrath
- Joseph Phillips
- Laura Leigh Hicks
Jeanette Jarmon
Julia Boden

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