Friday, October 24, 2014

Starkville Area Arts Council Holiday Showcase coming up! 6 November 2014

Only a couple of weeks until our Starkville Area Arts Council Holiday Showcase group exhibition opens.  We will put the show up on November 3rd at 5 PM, but the opening will be at 5:30 PM on Thursday November 6th. That is the day you should come out! Wine, refreshments, art, and we will even have the amazing classical guitarist Stephanie Jackson performing!!! Of course, this is a great opportunity to meet the artists involved and to purchase some art before Christmas!

Butterfly Flowers by Mike Box
We have a diverse group of talented artists committed to showing their works with art ranging from stained glass to photography to traditional oil paintings. We will also run the range of styles from surreal to traditional still life paintings.

Flower painting by Kathryn Ramsey
"Posse" by Laurie Burton

Artists who are planning on exhibiting include: 
  • Mike Box - awesome painter dude!
  • Laurie Burton - trippy surrealist and realist
  • Libby Cagle - abstract artist, beautiful color
  • Linda Cambre - well known landscape painter
  • Kathyrn Davis - beautiful stained glass artist
  • Walter Diehl - photographer extraordinaire
  • Fay H. Fisher - lovely pastel artist
  • Wanda Hunter - awesome painter
  • Briar Jones - does beautiful, fresh watercolor landscapes
  • Dylan Karges - does awesome pastel paintings and intriguing ceramic works
  • Kat Lawrence - superb photograher! 
  • Duane Lyon - builder of cool stuff
  • Joe MacGown - trippy surreal dude
  • Michelle Neumann  - maker of amazing ceramic pieces
  • Kathryn Ramsey - does beautiful colored pencil works, especially flowers
  • Bonnie Renfroe - great ceramic artist! also does some wonderful paintings

Photo of an African lion by Kat Lawrence (she photographed this in the wild in Africa!)

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