Interviews and features in Books, Magazines, Newspapers, or web sites (not including Entomological publications with my insect drawings)

2019, July - Interviewed by, Efrat Cybulkiewicz, director, AR[ T ]MOIRE,
Italian Arts Organization, July 2019.

2019, April - Video interview with Lori Neuenfeldt, Mississippi State University Art Gallery Director, for program called “From the Gallery.”

2016, September.  By Shahla Rosa. Deviantly Surreal: the non sequitur magazine. An interview with Joe A. MacGown. Available online: 


2015 - Stambollian, L., Rimmel, B, and Semper, G. The Encyclopedia of Fernal Affairs: Cataloging the Garden of Fernal Affairs. 245 pp. online: (I wrote some parts and have art included). 

2014 - MacGown, J. A. Subconscious Meanderings: Surreal, Visionary, and Semi-Strange Drawings and Mixed Media Paintings. 96 pp. online:

2013 - Coldiron, C. A. "Wildlife Art Today". Schiffer Publishing. Drawing of insects will be included in book.

2013, 5 February - The Art of Joe MacGown, The Real Story, by Joseph St. John.

2012 - February. Collaboration with Dumaine included in feature: The Horror Zine. February 2012.

2012, 31 January  – Interviewed about my artwork by Kevin Gregg and Christy Tracey for "The Real Story" Newspaper. 

2012, 28 January  – Interviewed about my artwork by Joe Lee and Leilani Salter for "Town and Gown" magazine. 

2012 - Daniel Doyle. Feature on Joe MacGown. Mississippi Journal of Sustainable Living, spring issue.

2011, 27 May. The Commercial Dispatch. Joe MacGown's Surreal World on Display. Available online:

2011, 22 January - Featured as daily artist on the Daily Art Fix: 

2010 - Artwork featured in: "Visionary Art Yearbook", edited by Otto Rapp and published by I have artwork on pages 37, 92, 142, 143, and on the inside of the dust jacktet at the back of the book.

2010 - Artwork featured in: "Miximages: Exquisite Corpses", by Bernard Dumaine and published by I have artwork on pages 10 and 45.

2010 - "Echinodermatter" included in "Imagine the Imagination: New Visions of Surrealism" published by NEgoist Publishing Co., Poland.

2009, 28 December. Featured on front page of Starkville Daily News. See writeup at: "Local Artist Selected for Show in Chicago".

2009, June. Two drawings and interview in the Taj Mahal Review., India. Vol. 8, No. 1. 224 pp.

2009, 8 May. I was featured as the daily artist on "The Daily Art Fixx". This web site features and writes about a different artist everyday. Very cool You can see my feature at "Semi-Strange Art: Joe MacGown".

2009, 24 April. Featured on front page of Starkville Daily News. See writeup at: Semi-Strange Exhibit set to Open in Eupora.

2009, 19 April. I was interviewed by a new surreal collaborative group called the Collaborative Corpse. You can read the interview here: "Interview with club member Joe MacGown".

2009, 5 January. Featured on front page of Starkville Daily News. See writeup at: Local Artist's Work Featured at Meridian Museum of Art.

2009, January. I had three of my drawings published in an art and poetry book entitled "Harvests of New Millennium", which is published in India. The three pieces are "Infinity" , "Self Searching 5" , and "Facing the Future".

2007, December. I was interviewed by the editor of the Midsouth Entomologist with the focus being my illustrative skills [pdf of interview].

2007, November. I was interviewed by the "Exquisite Corpse" club, a wonderful surreal collaborative group hosted on the Deviant Art web site.

2007. I had a drawing featured in an art and poetry magazine called "Vain" (2007). This magazine is dedicated to art and literature and even includes a cd. Go to their web site for more info (

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