Sunday, November 23, 2014

Savannah, Georgia - a city full of art and artists

Was in Savannah again briefly the other day to pick up Joseph for his winter break. While he was in his last class of the semester Thursday evening, I meandered about downtown a bit. I especially spent my time in the City Market area, which is chock full of art! I did not have a ton of time, and it many of the artists were done for the day, but I did spend some time chatting with a couple of really good artists while there.

The first guy I talked to was William Kawamena-Poh, an exceptional watercolor artist originally from Ghana. William does gorgeous figurative painters with themes from his native home. I really enjoyed talking with him and getting the low down on how he makes a living doing what he loves best. His talent was obvious, and based on the numerous ribbons from various competitions he has won, I was not the only one to think so. Visit his web site at to view his wonderful works! This guy is the real deal, and its worth the walk upstairs to see his art and talk with him.

William Kawamena-Poh
After leaving William's studio, I headed across the street to the A. T. Hun Art Gallery owned by trippy art dude Chuck Hamilton. Several really cool artists sell their works at the Gallery, but Chuck is the ringleader and he does some awesome art. Not only that, he is quite the keyboard player. When I walked in he was playing away! Yep, Chuck is an iconic figure in the Savannah area, and if you are in town, go visit him. The gallery web site is at and their Facebook page is at

Chuck Hamilton at his keyboard

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