Thursday, March 1, 2018

MacGown Art in the Golden Triangle, thanks to our supporters!!

My trippy art boy Joseph MacGown and I stay busy with our art. We both create art every day, pushing, exploring, creating, playing. Of course, as a result we have art building up! So, we are finding ways to display and to sell our original art and reproductions. I have to say, our local area has become more and more receptive to art! Even to our weird art. Not everyone of course, but our experiences have been mostly positive! So, thanks Starkville and Golden Triangle! 

Luisa Porter and Joe MacGown at 929 Coffee Pop Up Show

MacGown Art at the Prairie Arts Festival in West Point

MacGown Art at Earth Day at Ricks

Art party at the MacGown's place in Sessums

MacGown Art, talk and show at the Gumtree Gallery in Tupelo

MacGown Art at Sunday Funday in the Cotton District

MacGowns hanging Joseph MacGown's art at the Columbus Art Gallery
Starkville does have a huge and serious problem in that we do not have a city art gallery, and boy, this really bothers me. Fortunately, ALL of the surrounding towns and colleges in our area do have galleries where we can exhibit. So thanks West Point, Columbus, Tupelo, MSU, Itawamba Community College, Mississippi University for Women, East Mississippi Community College, and others! But gosh dang it Starkville Arts Council – get a gallery. Luckily in Starkville,  a bunch of local businesses have come through to fill this void and have opened their doors to local artists putting art in there. These business owners are fantastic! At the top of the list is Chalet Arts who does more to promote and aid local artists than anyone else! Also a big shout out to the Camp family who are at the center of supporting arts in the Cotton District!  Here are some of the top local businesses who are supporting the arts (not in any particular order): The Pop Porium (allows pop up shows and lets us hang art permanently), the Starkville Book Mart and Cafe (pop up shows, local artists and authors have their work there - Joseph and I have postcards there),  929 Coffee (pop up show, and recently the under 40 show), Scooters Records (Joseph MacGown has art hanging on the walls and prints for sale), Commodore Bob's (all the art on the walls is mine), the Serendipity Hippie (local artists have work there), Moe's Barbeque (local art on the wall), Bin 612 (local art on walls), City Bagel (local art), Rick's Cafe (pop up shows, weekly live painting and sales events, etc.), Two Brothers Smoked Meats (have bought art and were big supporters of Sunday Funday), and the Veranda (owner Jay Yates is a huge supporter of the arts). 
MacGown Postcards at the Book Mart

MacGown Art at the Pop Porium

MacGown art at Commodore Bobs

MacGown Art at Rick's Cafe

Joseph MacGown's art at 929 Coffee

Joseph MacGown's art at Scooter's Records

MacGown Art at the Cotton District Festival

MacGown Art at the Bulldog Bash (downtown Starkville)

MacGown Art at the Depot Gallery on MSU Campus (a few years ago)

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