Sunday, January 24, 2021

Finished up a few pieces this week and of course progress on others!

Some of my art takes a long time to do because of the ridiculous amount of details I enjoy adding. It is not unusual for me to start a piece of artwork and then put it away for years before coming back to it. In many cases, I come back to working on it multiple times. This week, I have more or less finished a few older pieces and plan on framing them this week! Also I finished up a new commission that was pretty fun and full of bright ink colors!
This joker is almost done! 
"Emma's World",  about 4 feet tall, inks on wood.  This piece was a commission and so it is already sold. I will make prints of it.
Boo! Watercolor and ink on cold press illustration board
"Floaters 2", ink on cold press illustration board

"Chaos", ink on clay coated board

"Microverse 1", ink on cold press illustration board

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