Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Surreal Visions of Joe MacGown Exhibition opening today (Jan. 25) at 5:30 PM

My one man show "Surreal Visions of Joe MacGown" open tonight at the  Gumtree Museum of Art located on Main Street in Tupelo, Mississippi. The opening reception will be held from 5:30 to 7:00  PM tonight (January 25th).  Local Starkville duo "Two Parts Sugar" comprised of Caleb Hutson and Holley Rumbarger will perform their groovy music during the reception, wine and refreshments will be served, and about 30 trippy original pieces of my art will be on display for your viewing pleasure. 

 If you can't make the opening, the show will be up from January 25 through March 24. Gallery hours are 10 AM to 4 PM on Tuesdays through Fridays and on other days by appointment. 

Thanks to the Gumtree Museum of Art Director Belle Naugher for inviting me to show my art, thanks to the McCullough family and  Chalet Arts of Starkville for sponsoring the show, thanks to Two Parts Sugar for agreeing to perform during the reception, and thanks to my son Joseph MacGown for providing music for the video of my art (see video below). 

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Art Expo Fun at Rick's Cafe Americain

This past Saturday night (14 January 2017) from about 8 PM to 11 PM, Joseph and I were at local hotspot and bar "Rick's Cafe Americain" in Starkville, MS selling some art! This was a very cool experiment for Starkville with an art sale at a bar, along with a DJ (DJ Glotron) playing grooves, girls dancing with lighted hula hoops and weird winglike fabric on stage, and live painting by several artists!

In addition to our MacGown Art table, there were several other local artists presenting their wares such as Joseph Garland (MSU student), Libby Cagle (abstract painter), Paul Buckley (abstract painter), Blaine Gerrard (wacky dude), Paisley Hamilton (handmade hippie fashions), and several others.

Overall, the event was a huge success with lots of folks showing up to see the art and talk to us about it. We sold quite a few prints, and I noticed several folks leaving with art from other artists too, so it looked like a successful evening for them as well.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

MacGown Art at Ricks Art Bash, January 14, 2017, 8 pm

This Saturday, January 14, Me and Joseph and some other art jokers will be selling prints and stuff at Ricks starting at 8 PM. DJ Glotron will be slapping glowing sounds around as well. Live painting, likely some glowy hula-hoop girls, other artistic antics. Come on out and join in the fun.

Thanks to Ricks Cafe and Kori Baudoin for setting this event up and inviting us, and thanks to Mark Wood, owner of Chalet Arts, for his continued support!

Monday, January 2, 2017

"Subconscious Visions of Joe MacGown" at Gumtree Museum of Art, Tupelo, MS - 25 Jan- 24 March 2017

I will be having a one man show featuring both color and black and white pieces at Gumtree Museum of Art located on Main Street in Tupelo, Mississippi from January 25 through March 24. The opening reception will be held from 5:30 to 7:30 PM on Wednesday, January 25th.  Gallery hours are 10 AM to 4 PM on Tuesdays through Fridays. 

Caleb Hutson and Holly Rebecca Rumbarger are planning some live music during the opening. 

Thanks to the Gumtree Museum of Art and director Belle Naugher for the opportunity to show my art there, thanks to Mark Wood and Chalet Arts for their continued support, and to Tesheva for inspirational 

Some samples of what I will have in the show (below). 

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Pentamerous Archetype triptych finished

I started this triptych in April of 2016 and have more or less finished it up about Thanksgiving of the same year. I basically worked on this some every day that I was in town, sometimes in the morning before I went to work, at lunch, then later in the evening. Some of those times I also worked on other pieces, but needless to say, I have a lot of time in this.  The images I have provided below give an idea of what it looks like, but its much more radiantly colored actuality. This a traditional type of triptych done on wood with a center panel and two hinged doors that close. Both the inside and outside of the doors are painted, and the edges are painted with metallic gold paint. After priming the birch plywood, I used layers of colored ink washes and added fine detail with Koh-i-noor Rapidograph technical pens. When open, the triptych is 40 x 24 inches, when closed fully, it is 20 x 24 inches.

Here are some photos of the triptych showing individual panels, the three panels open, and a view of the triptych closed.

Inside 3 panels of Pentamerous Archetypes
Outside panels of Pentamerous Archetypes

"Mystical Scavenger Lord", Inside of left panel of Pentamerous Archetypes

"Inceptor", Center panel of Pentamerous Archetypes

"Perverse Leporid Fairy", inside of right panel  of Pentamerous Archetypes

"Arthropodite", outside of right  panel of Pentamerous Archetypes

"Surrogate", outside of left panel of Pentamerous Archetypes

detail from edge of outside panel

another shot of the outside, taken with cell phone

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Joseph and Joe MacGown Art at 929 Coffee, 3 Dec. 2016

Joseph and I will have prints, postcards and stuff for sale at 929 Coffee from 5-9 pm on December 3, 2016. Quite a few other local artists will be selling art as well. 

Thanks to 929 for once again inviting local artists to sell their work and thanks to Chalet Arts for making high quality prints for us. 

Artists who will be present include:

- Allison Julien & Joseph (Gerard) Woods
- Haley Hodges & Adam Chandler
- Bonnie Brumley & Blair Edwards
- Paisley Hamilton
- LeeAnn Wilson
- Melanie Shumock
- Rachael Smith Floyd
- Joe MacGown & Joseph H. MacGown
- Faith Bullard
- Mary Margaret Pritchard
- Dulcy Little
- Doc & Linda McGrath
- Joseph Phillips
- Laura Leigh Hicks
Jeanette Jarmon
Julia Boden

Friday, October 21, 2016

MacGown art at The Odd Ball at the Almost Circle Gallery, Biloxi MS

Joseph and I will both have  some colorful, slightly trippy art hanging in the Almost Circle Gallery in Biloxi, Mississippi for the "Odd Ball" show. The opening will be from 6 to 10 PM on Thursday, 27 October 2016. The gallery is located at 128 Rue Magnolia, Biloxi, MS. 

Harpy, by Joseph H. MacGown
Weird Head, by Joe A. MacGown
Thanks to Julia Reyes, co-owner of the gallery for the invitation to have some of our art there. This show is basically a trippy surreal Halloween art bash complete with live music, entertainment, interactive art, and other strangeness. Costumes and weirdness are encouraged.  The gallery is super cool, and if you are in the area, I invite you to join us next Thursday. 

Almost Circle Gallery